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Friday, April 14, 2006

Sex Toy Report Tops Whitney’s Really Bad Week

If getting sued for nonpayment of rent weren’t bad enough for a one-time superstar then how about pictures of your crack den bathroom (complete with empty beer bottles, pipes, rolling papers, and powder-covered spoons) running in a national tabloid? However for Houston it gets worse, much worse.

Her sister-in-law Tina Brown sold her sister out to the National Enquirer with stories how Whitney spends much of her time pleasuring herself with sex toys in her bedroom and abusing drugs. Ouch!

And now Fox News is reporting that Houston is basically broke. Unlike other superstars of her era, Houston did not tour much nor did she write any of her own songs. She has basically lived off album sales and once that those have taken a nose dive she had nothing to offset her enormous expenses.

Update: Some joker reports that this is Whitney’s rebuttal and they were nice enough to point us to Gawker that had these nice bathroom photos. Martha Stewart she is not.


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