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Friday, March 10, 2006

Owner of adult shop promises improvement

KITTERY, Maine - Capital Video Group, the parent company of the Route 236 adult video store, said it will double its efforts to patrol the area surrounding the shop.
In a letter sent to Town Manager Jon Carter on Jan. 13, Lesley S. Rich, the companyŠŐ» general counsel, stated that Capital Video Corp. "is very sensitive to the needs of the communities in which we do business."

"It is a strict policy that our employees consistently police the property surrounding (, and we will double our efforts to (ensure) that this is done on a routine basis," the letter reads. It goes on to say that store employees will also expand the area they monitor for "inappropriate trash." has been under scrutiny since last year when residents complained to town officials that they had been finding used condoms and other sex-related items on the side of the road. Neighbors also complained of cars being parked near their homes at various hours of the day and reported witnessing people acting suspiciously and urinating and masturbating in public.

These complaints prompted the Town Council to take action at its last meeting, agreeing to hold a public hearing on Jan. 23 on whether to restrict parking in the area.

The letter from Capital Video Corp. also stated that the company had not heard of these complaints before Carter contacted it earlier this month.

"Certainly, (the abutters) could have come to us directly for resolution to these issues," the letter stated.

Town officials are also considering an ordinance that would prohibit curtains or doors in front of video viewing areas in adult stores like Police believe that eliminating closed-door viewing rooms would put a stop to some of the recent complaints.

The letter sent by Capital Video Corp. made no mention of curtained areas in the store or the proposed ordinance.


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