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Thursday, March 02, 2006

“Adult Health Retailers” Thriving in China: A New Age of Sex Toys

By SexHerald Staff

China currently produces approximately 70 percent of the world’s adult toys—mostly export—but, increasingly shared with the Chinese market as 2,000 sex stores have sprung up since the cultural revolution during Mao Zedong’s era.

A study by the Family Planning Agency revealed that about 70 percent of the Chinese population declared to be non-virgins when married compared to 16 percent in the late 1980s. Prostitution, illegal in a majority of the US, is increasingly becoming accepted in China, especially in cities like Shenzen, where “adult health retailers,” or sex stores, have become a popular attraction. Even gay and lesbian bars attract the masses on weekends as they become packed in places like Shanghai.

Sociologists, psychologists, health experts and sexologists alike feel the growing trend towards a more “liberal” view on sexuality partly has to do with emulating Western ideals of love, romance and sex through pirated DVDs and adult sites on the Internet. Health educators mention in less urbanized areas of China, the people still adhere to traditional ways of courtship and beliefs on sex. Sex education and knowledge is still rudimentary at best, as a 2004 study reported in The People’s Daily, 21 percent of Chinese men did not know where the clitoris was located.

Chinese gender/sex roles have altered. Chinese women who usually took the passive role in sex are becoming more active and aggressive as they view sex as more than a means for reproduction; they now see it as a source of pleasure as well.


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