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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Senior citizen sex toy trade giving oldies the goodies

At first glance, the U-shaped stool with the opening at the front looks identical to those preferred by Japan's brothel maidens, giving as it does access to both the nether regions and the rear. But, as Shukan Jitsuwa (11/22) points out, the stool is just one of the many sex aids being put to use in the care of Japan's growing contingent of elderly citizens.

"As you get older, it's harder to sit down and get up again. There's no mistake sitting on one of these stools makes it easier to wash the body. And the hole at the front makes it perfect for washing the anus or testicles. Caring for the elderly and getting your rocks off may be entirely different aims, but the design of the stools used for both is pretty similar," a sex toy storeowner says.

Like most of the adult populations of the world, Shukan Jitsuwa notes, Japan has a rapidly aging society. And like other industries, the sex business has to brace itself for when the bite of the baby boomer market becomes a toothless one.

"If the adult industry ignored the elderly it wouldn't be able to survive," a sex industry writer says. "The oldies have got all the money. Don't be surprised if we see the sex industry coming up with a whole series of products aimed at spicing up the sex lives of senior citizens."

Indeed, some areas of the adult industry have already got a head start in their efforts to deal competitors a blow.

"We have the silver partner penis band," boasts the operator of Pinksaurus, a sex toy shop in Nagoya. "It's a belt that old fellers can wrap around their legs and over the top of their old fellers. It's made of materials that are kind on the skin and its main feature is its soft feel."

Yet another item on offer is the Pink Shower. With an innocuous appearance that does little to suggest it's anything other than a penis ring, Pink Shower's secret lies in the tiny motors built into it.

"Sticking it at the base makes it vibrate and creates an incredibly sensational feeling," the storeowner says. "It's a great ally for the elderly."

Medical and carnal worlds have also joined together on Enamgra, an enema-like tool aimed at combating enlargement of the prostate and impotency.

"Stimulating both the back and front at the same time strengthens the prostate," its inventor Taro Maki tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "A strong prostate makes a man feel younger, increases his ejaculatory powers and combats impotency."

Sometimes physical aids simply aren't enough, though. That's where Orient Kogyo, Japan's largest makers of blow-up dolls, hopes to come in.

"We've started a service where customers can have the face on their blow-up dolls made to order and three of our orders have come from old men. They asked us to make a likeness of their deceased wives," says a source from Orient.

Shukan Jitsuwa notes that at 1 million yen a pop, the dolls are hardly cheap unless you consider it to be a suitable alternative to the loneliness an old man would feel if he had nothing to remind him of his departed beloved one.

"We used a photo of the wife to create the doll's head," the Orient source tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "We got everything in there, right down to the last wart and wrinkle."

November 10, 2001


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