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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Priscilla's ads promise the adult store isn't going away

For years, radio and TV ads have boasted that Priscilla's is the place "where fun and fantasy meet."
Now radio ads are stressing that the adult stores have no plans to go anywhere and will be in Wichita to meet the needs of customers.
The ads are in response to a grand jury indictment late last year charging Priscilla's owner Robert Floyd of Oklahoma City and one of his two Wichita stores with one count of promoting obscenity, a class A misdemeanor.
A trial in the case is scheduled for Feb. 27, according to Sedgwick County District Court records.
The charge against the West Kellogg Priscilla's store was the only one the grand jury returned after meeting for weeks. The indictment centered on a video about oral sex.
Floyd owns 13 Priscilla's stores in four states. He also has one on Wichita's east side. He declined to comment about the case Tuesday.
His stores are a popular place to buy gifts for bachelorette and bachelor parties.
But a grand jury decided that a video in the store's inventory went too far. The 120-minute movie is readily available to purchase on the Internet.
The grand jury began meeting after a group called Operation SouthWind gathered enough petitions to press for an investigation into whether seven of Wichita's 15 adult stores violated community standards of obscenity.
Steve Joseph, Floyd's lawyer, was not available for comment Tuesday but has said that past cases have proven that Wichita's community standards support the sale or rental of sexually explicit movies to consenting adults for non-public viewing


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