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Sunday, February 26, 2006

More Than Half Of All Brits Own Sex Toys

Saturday, 4th February 2006, 11:23

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Sex mad Brits have blown their supposedly prudish image with two-thirds watching porn with their partners while over half own sex toys, according to a new poll.

The sexy survey revealed that the majority of couples today indulge their fantasies and enjoy the pleasures of the adult entertainment industry.

Researchers found that 69 per cent of adults are willing to give approval to the porn industry with 58 per cent actually owning sex toys, erotic films or magazines.

Although lusty lovers are reluctant to shout about their bedroom preferences outside of our relationships, 85 per cent no longer bother to hide their treasure troves of porn from their partner preferring to get permission first before indulging.

Erotic movies are the biggest favourite with 64 per cent of people admitting they watch them with their partner and more than 40 per cent use them to tease themselves into foreplay.

One-in-four of the 1,200 people who took part in the survey to mark the UK launch of leading American adult film company Wicked Pictures, said they were thinking about surprising their partner with a porn flick as a Valentine gift.

Karl Wainwright, the UK distributor for Wicked Pictures, said: "It seems that whilst we are happy to keep our bedroom secrets secret and present an impression of being quite prudish, the truth is that many of us are making good use of the adult entertainment industry."

Whilst both sexes, women (70 per cent) and men (83 per cent), say that watching hardcore action turns them on, only one-in-five females believe they find them more stimulating than men, while 43 per cent of men believe they find them more stimulating than women.

The survey also found that two-thirds of adults say that they would happily purchase more porn if it was not for the embarrassment factor.

Surprisingly more than 22 per cent of people surveyed calculated that they have spent more than £100 on porn material.

Monogamy is not high on the fantasy wish list of most as the survey also reports that the UK ’s top three sexual fantasies are threesomes, sex with a stranger and the tricky task of getting it on while skydiving

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