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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Group takes on adult stores again

WICHITA, Kansas - Operation Southwind is targeting another group of adult stores in Wichita. The organization is gathering signatures to force a grand jury to determine if the stores sell obscene items. This isn't the first time the group has gone after adult stores in Wichita. This summer, the group gathered enough signatures to convene a grand jury to look at what the stores sold. They determined that one DVD at the Priscilla's store on West Kellogg was obscene.

There are 16 adult stores scattered throughout Wichita and, according to Operation Southwind that is too many. The group claims that what is sold by these stores is obscene and violates community standards.

"We just want to give each store their day in court to thoroughly examine what's in their store," said Jan Beemer, Operation Southwind.

Beemer and her group could force that day in court. They are gathering signatures that would require a grand jury to investigate whether nine Wichita stores sell obscene items.

"There was already a fuel burning here in Wichita to take a look at this. This is just another avenue to take a look at this influence in our community," said Beemer.

Beemer knows the finding by a grand jury that the DVD in Priscilla's was obscene is a small victory, but hopes their latest effort will cause adult stores to either limit what they sale or perhaps leave the city.

"It's just Wichita's voice being stated," said Beemer.

Beemer's group needs a little more than 2,500 signatures to force another grand jury. They already have 3,200 but say they want 4,000 before turning in the petition.

The adult stores that are being targeted by Southwind's efforts had no comment.


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