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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fundraising through sex toys

Penn for Choice used "Vagina Balls" and "Coochie Cream" to help raise money for African midwives Thursday night.
The group hosted the fundraiser for the African Alliance's midwife training program. Profits from the $5 entry fee went toward training midwives across Africa on safer methods of health care, improving their services and making them more affordable.

This was, however, not your typical benefit.

Surely many were genuinely interested in helping the cause, but many were there to enjoy the other features of the "Sex Toy Box Social."

Attendees were offered the chance to look at and purchase various sex toys, including "Vagina Balls," which vibrate with motion.

"Honest to God, this [would make] the gym fly by," said Kat Scoggin, a distributor for The Mood, a company that produces and sells sex toys. She also wore a strap-on penis as part of the demonstration.

Scoggin staffed a table laden with sex toys, which ranged in price from $14 to $70. Her products ranged from "Coochie Cream Rash-Free Shave Gel," to massage oils, silicone based lubricants and gels claiming to enhance sexual pleasure.

College junior and Penn for Choice president Niva Kramek described the fundraiser as "putting the social in social activism."

While Engineering sophomore Justin Irving said he came to "break the monotony of studying," others, like Wharton freshman Howard Singer, "came to pick up girls."

College junior and Penn for Choice member Daniel Mims came to give support to the cause.

"Sex is fun. It's not a moral issue ... and people should be open about their sexuality," Mims said.

While some bought raffle tickets and others purchased the variety of toys offered, some students were able to pick up new information.

"Who doesn't love G-spot info?" College senior Ari Bieler said.


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