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Monday, February 27, 2006

Eva's Crates Of Sex Toys

If you're a friend of Eva Longoria, act surprised when she gives you a gift.

The Desperate Housewife has crate-loads of sex toys stashed in her garage, and dishes them out as pressies to her mates.
"I mentioned that I thought it was important for women to be in touch with their sexuality," she told the Daily Mirror, "and that sex toys were a 21st century thing - and people started sending them to me.
"They're the best present because a lot of women won't go and buy one."
Stunning Eva also revealed she was considered an ugly duckling as a child. She said: "I look like no one in the family... People would tell my mother, 'Your daughters are beautiful, but who's this?'"
Eva with boyfriend Tony Parker
"It forced me to develop other skills and taught me never to rely on my looks or anything superficial. But then I started to blossom and I won pageants."

Despite emerging into a swan, Eva's insisted that Gabrielle's bathtime scenes in DH series 2 are reduced in number and not v glamorous.
She said: "I have to be naked and they fill the bath up with bubbles and put body make-up on me, so I'm looking beautifully tanned and with flawless skin.
"And then it comes off, so I'm left sitting in brown water all day."


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