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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Board determines Hanky Panky an adult-oriented business

By Gary Nelson
Chronicle staffwriter
One Cumberland County business was determined to be operating as an adult-oriented establishment during Monday night's adult-oriented establishment board meeting. The decision was unanimously made by the board after at least three members made a trip to Hanky Panky's Knotty Little Cabin on Plateau Rd. and inspected the stock and merchandise available for purchase. The investigation was sparked by a complaint filed by a resident who stated the business was operating as an adult business.

Hanky Panky will be the first business required by the board to follow newly established guidelines, providing the owner's application for license is approved.

Caryn Wright, who owns Hanky Panky on Plateau Rd., attended the meeting and participated in a discussion with board members.

"I don't have a problem appearing here. There could have been more meetings like this if I had been contacted to be here. I don't have a problem listening to other people's problems," Wright said.

After receiving an official letter from the board notifying her of its determination, Wright will be required to apply for an adult-oriented license and follow the newly passed guidelines in order to stay open. The board will now send an official letter notifying her of its deeming the business as adult-oriented and the specific guidelines she must follow.

"At this point, I'll wait until I receive the letter before I decide what I'm going to do," Wright said after the meeting.

If the application is approved by the board, the business will be required to purchase an adult-oriented license for a fee of $500 and comply with county and state laws for adult-oriented establishments or be summoned to appear before the board.

Hanky Panky and any other adult-oriented business will be required to:

·Have a background check performed for all owners and employees of the business at a cost of $100 per person per background check;

·Notify the board of any personnel change within seven days after the change;

·All employees will be required to wear a photo ID tag on the person;

·Publicly display adult license with business' name at all times;

·Hours of operation will be guided by state law;

·Pay application fee of $500 for the license and an annual renewal fee of $100.

Any such adult-oriented businesses will also be required to follow any state laws that apply.
Penalties adopted by the board for businesses that do not comply to the requirements will be as follows:

First offense - Fine of $1,000 and/or an injunction to cease and desist business.

Second offense - Fine of $2,000 and/or an injunction to cease and desist business.
Third offense - An injunction to cease and desist business.

Another business that was visited by the board, Mo Thangz, was determined not to be an adult-oriented establishment.

The areas containing any hard core adult material are clearly marked and monitored by surveillance cameras and are within eyeshot of the cashier, board Chairman J.C. Hancock said. Only people 18 and older are permitted in those areas. Members of the board were impressed with the structure of the business, security of adult-related items and didn't see any major problem areas.

"The predominant stock and trade in that business is not adult-oriented. What there is is contained and there are little to no problems with juveniles in the facilities. There also have been no complaints," Hancock said.

Members of the adult-oriented establishment board are J.C Hancock, Sandy Brewer, Linda Hassler and Cameron Sexton. One vacancy on the board is expected to be filled by former school board member Jim Dunnigan. In order to serve on the board, Dunnigan will have to be appointed by the Cumberland County Commission.

The board will meet Tuesday, Feb. 28. at 6:30 p.m. at the Cumberland County Courthouse in the small courtroom.


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