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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Adult Store Channel & Adult Store Kiosk Join with New Beginnings

Source: ODBN, Inc.
by: Company Press Release
(LAS VEGAS, NV) -- An agreement was announced today between New Beginnings, one of the world's largest distributors of adult products and ODBN, a state of the art - point of purchase marketing service that operates a network of high definition plasma screens and interactive touch screen kiosks in adult stores nationwide and soon to be worldwide.

The agreement calls for the parties to coordinate retail distribution with visually compelling communications and advertising featuring adult products at the point of purchase. The idea is to make more and more consumers aware of brands, products, talent and categories and make them informed shoppers while also helping retailers and manufacturers to collect data about shopping patterns in the stores. The displays distinguish products in which there are hundreds even thousands to choose from. Both companies stated that by deploying the state of the art, adult shopping technology is an effort to modernize and improve distribution, customer service and customer knowledge about adult products and brands. They believe the result of their deployment will be an increase of sales, in a shorter time period and greater customer loyalty. "We're excited to be working together with ODBN to establish their new Adult Store Channel and Adult Store Kiosk. It's truly a new beginning in adult retail marketing, said Bryan Berber, President of New Beginnings, Inc.

New Beginnings and ODBN have been testing their relationship and concept together with VC Distributors - the owner, operator of thirteen adult retail stores in Albuquerque and El Paso. The results have been overwhelmingly positive with sales improving and an even greater variety of products selling. "We are selling products that never sold before and those products that always sold well like Vivid Pictures are actually selling even more," were the comments given by Robert Costa the President of VC Distributors. When asked about his overall sales, he estimated that sales had increased about 26% since the network was installed ten months ago and he is now planning to place screens and kiosks in all his stores. He also described a system he helped develop in which ODBN offers a web site in which all ads, packaging are displayed 30 days prior to the ads running.

Steve Fecske the President of ODBN said "we've created a system that makes it easy for the distributor, retailers and manufacturers to communicate and to know between them what products are being placed and in what stores."

"I now know thirty days in advance what new products are coming but I also know that there is advertising coming with it. I have my distributor making sure I have it in the stores - the manufacturers properly marketing it and I now have a way for my clerks to learn and know more about the products we carry." Robert Costa was so pleased he is expanding the Adult Store Channel and Adult Store Kiosk into all his stores.

It is well known in the retail business that 70% of the people coming into a store don't know what they are going to buy and with adult retail stores this problem is compounded because many times people are reluctant to ask. So by placing dynamic billboards that display products with touch screen kiosks that are informative and display even more products based upon preferences can only help to make shopping easier and therefore better. The adult retail industry recognizes this and they have accepted the technology and orders are mounting for the displays in the stores and the company already has 30 stores taking the channel and kiosks and the Company projects having 100 to 200 kiosks in the market by the end of 2006 reaching 1.5 to 3 million adult shoppers monthly. It currently runs 60 plasma screens in 20 stores reaching 300,000 shoppers monthly.

The Adult Store Channel (ASC) is a network of plasma screens that play a thirty minute high resolution loop of manufacturers' products available in the store. The time is limited and the company has sold it out but does expect to have more time available as it expands into one hundred stores in the next twelve months. "It's like have a high definition television channel that plays in the stores for the adult industry exclusively and it gives the industry an economic means for advertising to the consumer. Until now the retailers were the customers we want to help companies reach their real customer - the consumer," were the sentiments of Mr. Fecske when asked how the new system is different from how things are being done now.

The Adult Store Kiosk (ASK) has all the channel advertisers and all the manufacturers found in the store and all those manufacturers who enter their products online. All manufacturers can upload their products into the adult store kiosk from their desktop. Manufacturers besides being in the database can purchase the header, frame, screen and space around the kiosk. ODBN handles the sales and remotely operates and manages the kiosks and New Beginnings makes sure the product around the display is kept stocked. ODBN also captures and manages the data reflecting the use of the kiosk. It offers the customer a touch screen ability and infra red bar code scanner, so they can scan a barcode of any product in the store and play the manufacturer's product promotion and information. The Adult Store Kiosk (ASK) has been overwhelmingly received and the company has 30 orders to deploy kiosks and expects another 200 by mid 2006.

ODBN and New Beginnings are rolling out its retail marketing services and they believes they are working to establish a new and better way the adult retail industry to do business.


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